The Search for the Ultimate Survivor

by Jonathan Brazee

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Darwin's Quest is a realty show of the future.  It is based on the CBS television show Survivor, but things get much more serious in this version.  In Darwin's Quest, the cast members are marooned on a reservation, and as in the modern Survivor, they are given certain tasks to perform.  Unlike the modern show, though, the price for failure in Darwin's Quest is death.  Whether this death is from falls, freezing, or at the hands of life-like robotic "dangers," (designed and constructed by DreamWorks) castmates are killed off one-by-one. 

However, with modern technology, the contestants are revived where they face a vote from the viewing audience whether they can rejoin the game or they are sent home.   Two "dead" contestants are voted on together, only one being able to come back and keep competing.

This season's Darwin's Quest has a prehistoric theme, and DreamWorks has gone above and beyond to contruct dinosaurs to terrorize the cast.  All goes according to plan with cast members dying, some being voted back.  But then something goes wrong.   Dead castmates quit ocming back.  And bodies, instead of being whisked away to medical to be revived are left to rot.  Dead seems to be the real thing.   Without support from the production staff, the cast is left on its own, and it has to face reality instead of fantasy. 

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Jonathan Brazee has published extensively in the fiction and non-fiction fields.  Darwin's Quest is his second novel, the first being The Few: A Tale of the Marines in the Near Future.

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